Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church The Mother Roman Catholic Church of Southeast Washington, DC

Sunday Morning

Whether your musical preference is traaditional hymns or contemporary gospel, the uniqueness of our celebration of Eucharist each Sunday will fit your style. Our first Mass is a blend of contemporary and traditional hymns with a cantor and pianist which begins at 7:30am and ends with saying the rosary. Our second Mass is contemporary gospel music with a full complement of musicians that begins at 930am. Both Masses are held in an environment that is relaxed and upbeat. Style of dress is comfortable. Immediately following both morning Masses we encourage all to make their way to Msgr Clark Hall. This is a comfortable setting where everyone will have the opportunity to meet and fellowship with one

Sunday Mass

7:30am - Traditional Cantor & Pianist
9:30am - Contemporary Gospel Full Complement of Musicians

Daily Mass

7:00am - Traditional celebrated in the convent

Holy Days

7:00am - in the convent
12:00pm - in the PLC Chapel
7:00pm - in the Church