Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church The Mother Roman Catholic Church of Southeast Washington, DC


We invite you to join us and get connected. Younster, adult, single, married, widow or widower all are needed and welcomed.

Encountereing Christ involves more than attending Sunday service. It is about caring for people around you and forming lasting relationships.

Take the opportunity to participate in parish life through of our many ministries, parish organizations and volunteer activities.

Worship Ministries

Plan and implement all of the parish liturgical celebrations including the Parish Anniversary, Corpus Christi, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Palm Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, Trinity Sunday, Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, and Black History.

Ministry chairs for the liturgical ministries meet after mass quarterly in September, November, January, and May. The committee chair spends approximately two - three additional hours preparing for committee meetings, typing and distributing minutes. Develop, plan and coordinate special church services

Spiritual Growth

Organize and facilitate activities and/or events, which assist and/or raise the parishioner's consciousness about spreading the Word of the Gospel in the community. Schedule workshops, retreats, and revival based on parishioner's needs.

Social Justice

Helps promote a Spirit of Active compassion at STA through direct Service, Social justice, and advocacy efforts. Assists ministries and individuals put faith into action.

Community Building

Provides means for better communications within the parish; practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community between individuals within a regional area. Coordinates quarterly parish newsletter, visitor and welcome letters, church directory, bulletin board, marquee and more.


Duties: Assist in shared leadership or facilitation in one area of youth Ministry Program; help with the faith and personal development of young people through invitation discussion, learning, friendship, and prayer.