• Sunday Mass: 7:30am and 9:30am


Welcome to Saint Teresa of Avila parish where we recognize and celebrate the joy of the Lord is our strength!  We are so glad you stop by to visit us today.

We think you will find STA a welcoming community of believers filled with the love of Jesus and each other.  Your presence will allow us to be a friend, make a friend, and bring a friend to Christ.

If you have any questions or comments about our faith or service, please call the Parish Life Center (202) 678-3709 or see a fax (202) 678-3325.

Thanks for visiting us today and do return.

Find Us

1244 V St SE Washington, DC

Mass Schedule

Daily: 7:00am @ convent
Sunday: 7:30am – Traditional
           9:30am – Contemporary Gospel
Holy Days: 7:00am @ convent
          12noon @ PLC, 7:30pm @ Church